Saturday, 19 November 2011

How do you scrapbook part 3

So far we have looked at sketches, stories and photos to kick start that scrapping mojo.  So what next?

Scrapping the everyday...

You know what it is like, you feel like getting crafty but you haven't been to any special events recently.  Or maybe you don't have children, or are single....what can you scrap about?

Well the answer is anything!!!

I regularly scrap the mundane or the random things in my life.  Such as:

You can scrap about all sorts of things from your favourite sweets (liquorice allsorts, marshmallows, refresher drumsticks, milka chocolate, fruit pastels...) to your deepest thoughts.  If it's very personal to you, use hidden journalling or just don't share that layout with anyone.

Here's my take on the random...

My little craft room friends wanted to be in the photo...Kitty, Zombie and Christmas tophat pug.

Handmade buttons, splashes and polka dot ribbon...
 Yes, I am a tea addict and I admit it.  But it must be in the 'right' cup or mug.  I'm very fussy when it comes to my cup.  It must be pretty to look at but large enough for a good slurp. 

I have to admit the pretty 'the girls paperie' paper helped me to think of this topic as it almost matches my Cath Kidson mug.  A new acquisition to our mug shelf as the teen in his clumsy attempt to get his mammoth cereal bowl,knocked my other Cath Kidson mug flying resulting in a smashed mug.

So have a look around you, write down your thoughts and scrap the everyday.


  1. I so agree.....mine has to be from a china mug....I must be getting old!

  2. Amen to that! You can make a page about anything.

  3. Gorgeous page there. I've just started scrapping the random stuff again. C xx

  4. I love looking at LOs of unusual stuff. This one's really great. And I also have a thing about mugs. Mine has to be bone china but large as well and those are not easy to find so I keep mine really precious and nobody else uses it

  5. Not a tea drinker but I am the same with my mug of coffee :)
    Great Layout:)

  6. Yep I'm all for a bit of random :)

  7. So glad to hear someone talk about these kinds of layouts (no children, etc.). Scrapbooking is supposed to be fun.... and your layout is both fun and looks beautiful.

  8. What a pretty page - I'm a fan of pretty tea things - but I have yet to scrap that - now it will be on my must-do list.