Saturday, 23 July 2011

And I'm still counting....

I'm still counting down the days to the end of term.......1 and a half working days.

Jobs to be done..... too many!

On the plus side I have practically got everything we need for our trip to Slovenia.  Thinking about our holiday is all that's keeping me going.

Looks inviting.....but that water has come straight out of it's source way up in the mountains....brrrr!

 Both the Teen and I needed new walking boots.....him because he keeps growing (grrrr) and me because I need a more lightweight pair than the heavy ones I have already.
Typical Slovenian Hay racks.

The white is chalk not snow.

After trying every ladies boot in the shop ( with help from the lovely sports student from the local university that worked there and who even managed to get the teen to talk about studying and  exams) I managed to get some (ahem) very bright turquoise boots.  Not as light as I wanted or the colour I would usually go for but hey at least Nigel and Rob can find me if we have any low lying mist or cloud.  But I kinda like them.  Who wants to wear khaki anyway?
I even felt inspired to make this layout about them....

I have been playing with an hipstamatic app on my i-touch and although the quality is not as good as a standard camera, I love the retro feeling they give.

A fairly simple layout this time with hardly any patterned paper so a little spritz of Cosmic Shimmer helped to give some interest to the plain card stock.

Right back to the counting.........


  1. They are a lovely cheerful colour! All that fresh air and exercise - it sounds wonderful

  2. Oh, yes... those boots were so made for walking!
    Slovenia looks beautiful - you're going to have an amazing time!

  3. Hope you have a fantastic holiday sounds very exciting :) love the layout fantastic title :)

  4. Have a WONDERFUL holiday !!!

  5. Yeeaaahh for colourful boots, your fun so why should you have dull boots :). Glad you've scrapped them too

  6. Fantastic layout & lovely photos.