Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How do you scrapbook part 2

Well, it seems from your comments that most of you start with a photo to give you inspiration to scrap.  I wonder what started first, the photography or the scrapbooking?

The 'Wacky Faces' layout started life as a sketch....this one in fact again came from the new Scrap365 magazine (boy, I should be getting commission from the amount of times I have raved about this mag....but it is good).

Sketch designed by Lisa Saunders

I have used the bare bones of the design such as the two small photos, bunting and journalling written on a tag and then added a small paper and heart detail to the top right hand corner and instead of flowers a more manly typewriter. 

A little hearty chevrons...chevrons, love that word.
A manly stamped typewriter highlighted with glossy accents.

So the sketch was the inspiration to kick start the mojo this week but I always need a story.  I immediately found these photos of the teen and my glamorous self (actually not looking half bad with a bit of slap on....makes a change from activity, muddy, school trip photos).  Taken on the same night as the 'Smile please' layout.  The journalling reads...

A 'nice' photo of us together is getting increasingly difficult, especially when you pull these sort of faces.  But I kinda like it.  As you grow older your personality is starting to shine through.

Have any of you ever used a sketch?  If not I challange you to try it next time you scrap.  Until next time, where I will continue our scrappy look at inspirations....happy scrapping.


  1. I'm actually pretty rubbish at using sketches. Clearly you aren't!!

    I'm loving your new profile picture

  2. Another fab layout. I love the new mag, keeping re reading it and spot something else. I love sketcbes but i always end up deviating in some way. Hence the sketchual deviant on my UKS avatar

  3. Alana i like how you've worked the sketch. I've used sketches before usually to get me started!

  4. Yep, only recently I used a sketch to kickstart a bit of scrapping. Great use of the sketch and I love the tiny bunting and twine flourish.

  5. Great layout, love that sketch.
    C xx

  6. your layout is fab, hoping to have a go with that sketch some time over the weekend or possibly tonight.

    I'm finding it hard to get good photos of my eldest as he is always pulling some kind of face, from the I don't want a photo taken, to tongue out lol

  7. Love the glossy accents on the typewriter, Alana :) Most of my LO's probably start from a sketch & then meander off along a road of their own...