Monday, 20 July 2009

Candy Cakes

Couldn't stop myself from smearing my face against this cake shop window when we spotted it on a recent trip to Covent Garden. Not only where the cakes a sugar addicts dream but the pretty pastel coloured window and frontage was just too dreamy not to be scrapped. It made a good excuse to use pink in a layout for a change. Loved the Bo Bunny Blush Dot and the K & Co Citronella Cloudy papers. Don't know if you can see in this photo of the layout but you can see our reflections in the window. There's me taking it, Nigel looking away waiting patiently, Archie (Robert's friend) coming back to see what we are looking at and Robert's face beaming while eyeing up which one he wants. A happy accident of a photo.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Smile it's the holidays!

Well not quite the summer holidays yet but 4 working days and counting. It's been a really busy two weeks at school as we have been doing extra activities because it's near the end of term and because of our 'Health and Well Being Fortnight'. Managed to introduce my year 4 class to scrapbooking this week. The challenge was to make an A4 layout on 'Things that make me happy'. Had a sort out of all my scrap patterned paper and took in my flower punches. Other than those supplies I tried to show them a layout using only school stock. We had Lot's of raffia and sequined waste, so that was good. I also raided B&Q at the weekend for paint charts for our journalling. A good time had by all.
So as it's nearly end of term I made my thank you cards for colleagues who either I need to thank for their support or time in the gardening club, cycling courses etc. Or colleagues who are also friends and deserve to be reminded how I treasure their friendship and make work a good place to be on those stressful days.
So here they are...............
By the way to all you parents out there, T.A's hate being called 'The Helper' because as you can tell we do so much more, usually in our own time. (sorry to moan but it's the end of term feeling!)