Tuesday, 30 December 2008

All Wrapped Up

Decided to stop 'Journaling Your Christmas' on the 25th December as I really wanted to find some time to do other non-Christmassy projects. I took this photo last October when we had very unseasonal weather for autumn and have wanted to scrap it since. But with the snow theme and the welly colours I ended up using Christmassy colours again!
This layout ended up a very cheap project as only three different types of paper were used, the tag and snowflake were taken off separate Christmas gifts and the frame I made out of some corrugated cardboard I had hoarded away. I have a thing about corrugated cardboard as I like the distressed look it brings to a project. In this layout I ripped off the top layer of cardboard then used gesso to give it a whitewashed look. I was tempted to add some extra embellishments but restrained myself in the end.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Hello, welcome to The Little Blue Shed

Here's the inspiration to the blog name....my little blue shed. I completed the layout after waiting so long for a new shed (well second hand). It replaced a 18 year old plus shed that was practically falling down, though that would of been hard to believe if you had seen us trying to demolish it! It needed quite a lot of TLC and still needs a couple more coats of paint (to hide a hideous orange brown paint). Even so it's all mine now and I have great plans for it for the future....
I can't show you the full layout at the moment as hopefully it will be published in a well known scrapbooking magazine in the very near future.