Saturday, 30 May 2009

A & J

As I often say to my friend Jackie, 'We have been through a lot together.....and most of it was your fault! I love this quote and sums up our friendship really. Jackie has some big ideas that usually involve a)Dressing up, b)Props, c)Entertainment and d)Me! I don't really know how it happens but one minute I'm just doing my regular job as a Teaching Assistant then before I know it I've agreed to be a fairy (with wings), on stage, in front of the whole junior school disappearing from a magic box. See what I mean? How does it happen? I don't know but it does liven up my (sometimes stressful) day. Anyway this layout features us both with our Christmas regalia on and tells of our penchant for wearing Christmas accessories and the weird but wonderful game Jackie had organised that day of us pretending to be Santa's Sleighs, Christmas Trees etc (don't ask) All I can say is that the children think we are weird, the staff think we are mad and sometimes my job doesn't seem like work.....with thanks to my special friend.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Get them when their scared!

Yeah OK, I get the cruel mum of the year award. But just look at the terror in that little face. Yes this little boy was forced onto the chairlift in Slovenia two years ago in an attempt to allay his fear of them. Well he did say he wasn't going to like it and well.....he still doesn't. Because of his fears there's loads of walks we are missing out on. So this year, SURPRISE!, we are going to try and get him back on it. (I think I will keep this to myself until a)He reads this or b)On the day of our holiday we tell him. Somehow I don't think it's going to happen. All those views begging to be seen as well.........sigh.

Anyhow back to the layout. I Used all Anna Griffin products except the rub on alpha's and the sentiment. I like it, especially as a two photo layout I sometimes difficult to work with.

By the way, you do know that you can click onto the photo's for a closer look don't you. Good glad you did!

Well scrapping calls, I've got some great photo's of London sights that I'm itching to scrap that I took at the weekend.

See ya for now.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Been Busy!

Been busy recently so sorry for not blogging, but what with the gardening club starting again at school and organising cycling training courses I've not had the time to download my photo's. Even though school life can be busy, sometimes, very occasionally you get to go and help on a school trip.

Yes they are stressful (head counting every five minutes to make sure you have not lost any little ones), making sure they are on their best behaviour etc, etc. But they are still enjoyable and one of the few times you can have a more relaxed relationship with your pupils and they may even start to believe that you are human! So I was lucky enough to be asked to help with the year 2 infant class to Neasden Temple. What a glorious place. Unfortunately it was February so the weather was pretty dull and the photo's I took outside (you were not allowed to take a camera inside) came out quite dark and flat looking. Fortunately I had bought some photo's in the gift shop and so used these for this layout with some Basic Grey papers, lace and bling. It's somewhere I would probably not visit on my own so I'm pleased to of been given the chance, I would definitely recommend it, even just for the amazing architecture and carving.