Sunday, 28 October 2012

First of many....

Only 99 to go...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Shoe Shots

It doesn't matter how many crafty hobbies I try, I am always drawn back to Scrapbooking.  I just really miss it when I'm not creating a layout, or thinking up a story to tell.  

This week I was thinking about all the itouch photos I take.  I'm looking forward to updating to the new itouch generation 5 and the brilliant clear photos I will be able to take with the updated lens.  It's my main mode of photos at the moment.  I know the quality isn't so good with the one I have but the itouch is so convenient out and about and the apps to help enhance your images are fab.

Oops...forgot to rub out my pencil mark on the pink chevron.
So anyway....I was saying....I was thinking about all the random photos I take of my shoes.....I'm not sure why I take so many but it does seem to be an obsession.  Possibly it's because among with the 'eye shot', the 'shoe shot' sort of captures my personality through hats, shoes and eyes.  A million tales could be told through a pair of eyes...or a hat don't you think?

Denim, leggings and plimsolls feature strongly. 

Chevrons, stripes, arrows, hot pink and turquoise...what's not to love.
For example....Yes, I like shoes and hats....I think maybe you can tell that.  I don't wear heels as I fall over in them.  I'm just not made to walk dignified in sky high heels.  I'm clumsy, I'm a 'doer' (is that even a word?).  A pair of heels would just be dangerous and inappropriate for my lifestyle.  Hats! I like to be warm...I like wool....I like bright colours....My hair frizzes in damp weather.  Eyes....these eyes have seen a lot of sadness this year....I can also stop a naughty child in it's tracks by a raised eyebrow (in a 'really, should you be doing that' type of way).  Actually I can only do a two eyebrow attack, my friend at school can do the one eyebrow attack and it's a lot more scary.

I always forget how I love this Banana Frog alpha stamp....until the next time I use it.
Note to self...must stop wearing my black plimsolls (but they are so comfy) and practice my eyebrow raising:)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Splish, splosh, slash...

Just where does the weekend go?

My weekend consisted of washing, wallpaper/paint buying, a birthday tea with the family, housework, a pub lunch and the perusal of cycling safety equipment.

I suppose it is a varied list if not busy.

Although I did find some time to get into the craft room too. Finally, after many years of trying to get the teen to listen to my arty ideas (apparently I know nothing) he joined me to do a messy art journalling session.

Acrylic glaze, acrylic paint, texture paste and masking.
He is working hard to get an art portfolio ready for when he applies to university.  His current tutor advised having examples of mixed media or an array of media used.  So I suggested an art journalling journal.

Crackle glaze affect with tissue paper, stamping and cosmic shimmer inks.
It was so nice to work together, we painted, inked, sprayed, stamped, stuck and experimented with texture paste.

Distressing ink, sprays and stamps.
I tried to limit the damage in my craft room while trying not to be too anal about my craft equipment that was being discarded in dollops of paint and ink....I really did try.

Portrait of Rob....using everything in the craft room!
It's half term next week...hoorah! So I'm hoping to have another session with him soon but first I have to decorate a!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Cracking tags!

When I visited The Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show at the Ally Pally earlier this month, I saw a technique that I really wanted to try.

It was demonstrated on the Paper Artsy stall using their Crackle Glaze and Chalk Acrylics.  The fact that it looked so easy and quick was a bonus (I am known not to have a lot of patience).

Click photo to enlarge.
All you do it paint a tag with one of the Paper Artsy paints, let it dry (you can use a heat gun to speed this up).  Scrape a thin layer of Crackle Glaze over it all.  Dry by heating again.  Then paint on your contrasting top colour.  It immediately crackles and the bottom colour shows through.  

Next I stamped images with Archival Ink and added IndigoBlu Flitterglu and Mega-flake foil.

I love the results and it was super quick.

If you fancy having a go at this or would like to try other techniques have a look at the tutorials on the Paper Artsy Blog. There you will find lots of inspiration if you fancy getting a little messy with your paper.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Simple things...

I'm so sorry for my luck lustre blogging performance of late, life just seems so exhausting.  After weeks of juggling work, home duties and horrible, horrible sinus pain.

If it wasn't for the fact that on Thursday the craft club I was hosting was due to start, quite fankly I'm not sure I would of made it into work that day.

But it's amazing how a little bit of fun, sticking, cutting and glittering with a bunch of Year 2's can lift your spirits.  Especially when you have to test your wand and fairy hat out in the playground to see if they work.

I was turned into a horse, princess, troll, tree and a sticker! (wasn't sure how to act a sticker so gave up and turned the kids into frogs instead).

  I'm glad to say that the sinus pain has eased and I feel more 'normal' this week.  

I have been pottering around the craft room of late, mostly playing with new stuff using paint and crackle glaze.  So not much to show you all.  Except for this layout inspired by 'The Simple Things' magazine.

My 'simple things' include:

A mag and a brew.
Autumn leaves.
Dewy cobwebs.
A cycle ride.
Clean sheets.
A seat with a view.
Reading in bed.
Washing drying outside.
Baking a cake.
Laughing out loud. (to which I do have a bit of a guffaw type laugh)

It's good to remember the simple things in life, those little moments that give you pleasure, however small they may be.  

Monday, 8 October 2012

It would of looked normal if I had my wand with me...

Yep! It would of looked quite normal if I hadn't left my wand at school....

Well leaving my fairy crown on as I walked home from the infants craft club would of been a big faux par but with the least everyone would of known I was supposed to be a fairy and not a little odd:)

Don't you agree?

This little story was brought to you on behalf of Sian's Storytelling Sunday.

Come on, share your dressing up stories....