Sunday, 13 November 2011

How do you scrapbook?

How do you start a scrapbook page?  What inspires you?  Is it the photo?, a sketch?, a memory or some beautiful scrapbooking paper?

Most of us take inspiration from all of these at some time or another.  I know for me a sketch certainly helps when the old mojo is lacking.  For this layout I used a few ideas to kick start the page. 

I knew I wanted to scrap these photo's of Rob and his Gran as soon as I saw them.  There was a story behind the photos and I just loved the second shot of Rob caught mid laughter.  So I had the story and the photos, now to start the layout...

I am really liking the look of my i-touch hipstamatic photos at the moment.  It's not just the retro style they have but the different processes and the fact that they are small squares.

So I cropped the photos and printed them to the required size.

Another look that I like at the moment is the splashes and splodges of mists and inks.  It's something I have tried a few times and find after the initial interpretation of flicking the first splodge of ink on the page , is an enjoyable way of adding a distressed look to the page.  So when I saw this layout by Mahlin Wiggur in the new scrapbooking magazine Scrap 365, it helped inspire the placement of the photos, ink and colour scheme.

As you can see my layout looks nothing like Mahlin's which goes to show that when using a sketch or a technique you can make it  completely your own.

I will be back later in the week with another layout and what inspiration I used to make it.

I would love to hear what inspires you or how you start your layouts.  So it would be fab if you could leave a comment and share your thoughts with us all.


  1. That's a fantastic layout! Any or all of the above inspire me. I'm not much of a one for using sketches; but I can just as often start with a nice piece of paper as a story or a picture

  2. a fantastic layout Alana, love the colours and all the splashes.

  3. Your page looks stunning :)
    I find watching videos on Shimelle's blog inspires me and gets me scrapping, also seeing other peeps work whilst blog hopping and occasionally sketches inspire me :)

  4. Beautiful LO. I like the splashes and really want to try it though it's right out of my comfort zone

  5. A lovely layout. The inky splashes work beautifully.

  6. Beautiful page and I know what you mean about those hipstamtic prints they are so addictive

  7. Love the layout Alana. I haven't tried paint splashing as yet but seeing this has inspired me. *Ü* I usually begin a layout with the photo - sometimes though, I see some papers and match a photo to them. TFS. ~Glen~

  8. Love the photographs and adore the layout!
    My layouts (on the rare occassions when I actually do one these days) usually start out with the photograph... but I buy papers because of how they look and don't think of the photographs at all then.

  9. I like the way your layout ended up, and really love the tiny pictures! I have yet to try the paint splashing thing.....mmmm not sure I can! I generally start with the photo, but not can also be a sketch, theme or title! Karen x

  10. Great layout there, lovely colours, I usually start with a photo, but I find it easier to create a layout if I sketch it first.
    C xx