Friday, 19 February 2010

Squidging metal!

Although I don't have many dies or embossing folders yet I thought I would make use of my Big Shot that I purchased just after Christmas. Did you know that you can squidge bottle tops really easily? It's so satisfying and easy, much better than my previous method (hammer and wood). So with this in mind I squidged a few through and got all creative making some mini works of art (well in my eyes they are) ATC style. I don't swop my ATC's but they are satisfying to do and I sometimes use them as a topper on cards or group some together and frame them. One of which I made, I added a little holder from a toilet roll (covered in patterned paper of course which I found while blopping, but can I find the! apologies to whoever I stole this idea from) and gave to my best friend Kelie-Marie today, I hoped she liked it as it was just a little friendship gift as she really is a good friend.

Next I used an embossing folder with thin art metal which came out beautifully. I got out the old alcohol inks (that haven't seen the light of day for some while) and dabbed, dropped and mixed them to cover it. Decided to get ahead of myself and make it into a Mothers Day Card. As I was on a roll I made another card but this time using a flower technique I have been wanting to try for a while. You can find the technique here as shown by the talented Anna Bowkis.

So if you haven't succumbed to the squidging delights of metal,covered toilet rolls or paper flowers get out there and check out these blogs for lots of crafty inspiration.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Are you a donut?

I once read an article about the way we journal. It may of been in the Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine, I apologise to who ever wrote it that I cannot thank you but it had some useful metaphors in the article that struck a cord with me, I hope you don't mind me repeating some of them.

The piece likened our journalling to a donut. When you journal do you just include the barest minimum, say the date and a name.......this would be the sugar coating!!! With this type of journalling you know very little of the artist or what the LO is about. The second type of journalling was the 'donut' itself. This may include one or two facts but no real feeling, thoughts or expressions. This type of journalling could be ' Robert during a long, hard, rocky walk from Hrebienok to Skalnata Plesco, Slovakia August 08'. Better, but there is no story or emotion. The third type of journalling is the 'jam', it's the core of the story, it may express your feelings or others around you or maybe a story you wish to tell.

My type of sometimes the 'donut' but I prefer and aim for the 'jam'. To me scrapbooking should preserve special moments, everyday events, photos and an outlet for my creativity.

So, I have posted some old LO's, which type of journalling have I used for each one? (click on the picture for a better view). What's your style of journalling and what do you aim to strive for?. Are you the 'sugar' the 'donut' or the 'jam'?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A little Romance...

It's that time of year again.....the one where you are unindated with romantic gifts of flowers, chocolates and all sorts of special treats. Still waiting......yes so am I. In the meantime here's a little Valentine craftyness that I made a little while ago. Now I am not a very good seamstress but I do enjoy a little embrodery, I'm ok with stitches that are supposed to be seen but not with the ones that aren't.

I started with a heart template made from a folded piece of paper and drew around it onto a spare piece of denim cut from my son's jeans to make shorts. I should of stitched the 'Love' embroidery using back stitch at this point but chose to make it difficult for myself by back stitching around the edge of the heart first. then when I realised that it was going to be difficult to stitch the wording I decided to do this next. Then I attached the buttons and ribbon before stuffing and closing up the opening. It would of been nice to fill with lavender but didn't have any and knew if I waited the project would not be finished anytime soon. To get a shabby look I frayed the edges.

Since I started typing this hubby looked over to read what i had written and moaned "But your allergic to pollen and milk chocolate"......yes, but where's the dark chocolate and special treats I wonder?.......

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Document 2010 and falling over in the snow!!!!

Been poorly this week with a rotten cold that turned into Sinusitis so not been up to much. Managed to finish off January's Document 2010 Challenge over on the UKS Forum. It consists of a main LO (happy with that) a LO with envelope and receipts of the month (not happy with this) and a 12 photo/journalling spread in a divided protector (quite enjoyed that!).

Had bought some pretty 'My little Shoebox' papers recently with this project in mind as I knew I would be using the photos of my pink hat and coat. Combined them with Bazzil embossed dots cardstock and a lilac plain cardstock. Then used up lots of spare scraps and embellishments on the journalling cards. Love the 'mad' photo of me in my pink winter wardrobe taken by my friend Jackie on the way home from school. We do get some odd looks, but not as odd as the two of us running away from kids wanting a snowball fight or me falling over in the snow!.

So did my desk get messy...have a look. Though I am a good girl and clear the decks whenever a project is finished so it's all tidy again:)