Thursday, 28 June 2012

Taking time...

Ooh, what a lovely afternoon I had today. It was a little hot and sticky at school today. The thermometer in the classroom said 21 degrees but I'm sure it was hotter than that. Anyway, when I got home I felt a bit weary and flumacky, I know there is no such word but you know what I mean don't you:)So I decided to have a little sit in the garden and try some watercolour art journalling. I really enjoyed it. Even the teen joined me for a while. It was gloriously sunny in the garden today, a little too warm but as the sun was setting you do get lovely layers of light between the plants and flowers. It right cheered me up:)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Birdy Frames

I have been using my Nestabilities Dies again.  I do like to use them to make frames and then layer them on top of each other.

Actually, Nigel made these with a little direction to paper and embellishment choices.  I think he has done well.  

He has left an opening at the top so you can insert your favourite photo.

I'm still working on my 'bready' post but don't worry I haven't forgotten.  There will be a bread themed recipe, a bready scrapbook layout and a story or two....woo hoo for bread!

Friday, 22 June 2012

*Heart* Hearts

I have been getting a bit daring of late and trying more and more sewing projects on my trusty old Singer machine. 

I tried these simple hearts, unfinished raw edges, a single stitched button finished with a stamped message.

I chickened out of making the alterations on my cupcake dress and enlisted my mum for help.  It's all pinned and she has taken it home to work some magic on it.

One step at a time....

Before I go I just want to say that your comments made me smile regarding the fish finger sandwich.  Even the teen (who loves mushy peas) baulked at the idea at having them in with the fish fingers.  What can I say?  Don't knock it until you have tried it.  Now then, there is a story attached to the whole fish finger sandwich saga.  It's not super funny or amazing but I think I need to share it on a layout sometime.  Scrapbooking is not something I have done for a while but I really feel the urge to scrap this story.  While typing,it has reminded me of another sandwich related memory.  Hmmm, maybe a bready blog post is needed to accommodate all the breadyness?  

Just goes to show that the simplest things can give you that creative motivation to tell a story or two.  

Monday, 18 June 2012

Last week....

.....I had been a little blue. Nothing major, just a combination of the weather, work and hubby job hunting.

However I am feeling much better today. The weather is still dismal but at least all the rain has given us a wonderful display of ornamental poppies, foxgloves and roses in the garden. I watched our school cricket team get into the finals while sipping a flask of tea. I baked a bit too, chocolate cupcakes and homemade mincemeat (leftover from Christmas) tart. I found time to sew and a little crafty makery and even invented a fish finger and mushy pea sandwich with gherkins on the side....delicious it was too:) Simple pleasures that make me happy. What has made you happy today?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Something from nothing...

Hello there!

I'm not going to mention the weather...uh no...let's skip that part shall we and go straight to the crafting.

This shabby style wall hanging is just made out of die cut cardboard using a set of Nestabilities dies which has been covered in Gesso and dry brushed with pink paint.  I then used a little gold leaf to highlight parts of it.  The heart is hand cut, painted and then German Scrap wings attached.

It has seemed very quiet in blogging land recently.  Is everyone on holiday or just busy I wonder?  If you can spare the time I would love you to leave a comment about your thoughts on the wall hanging as I intend to have these on my craft school at the school fair.  That's if I get enough things made as it is very busy at school at the moment.  I'm treating it as a test run to see what is popular....or not.

Well what ever you are doing right now I hope you find time to fit in a little makery... 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Retro rummaging...

Ooh, had a good mooch around the Emporium today. I love having a good wander, rummaging around amongst the chaos. I never buy anything as it does tend to be overpriced. BUT another little vintage shop has opened along the street and I couldn't resist a cute cupcake print sundress for £8! It needs a couple of alterations but it is super cute with leggings, pumps and a little red cardi. Can't wait to wear it...come on sun, where are you? The new vintage shop had 'proper' vintage dresses too....they were lush but alas funds don't stretch that far at the moment. A girl can dream...

Friday, 8 June 2012

Busy bees and trees....

Well the day started off well.  I met one of my friends for coffee, the wonderful, creative Kelie-Marie.  We scoured the charity shops where I purchased a 70p Ladybird book about bugs and butterflies.  But when I got home we suddenly noticed the Elderflower Tree was leaning precariously against the little blue shed! 

So Nigel and I rushed out (in the wind and rain) to set about saving the shed. We climbed on the roof of the shed, sawed, pulled and snapped twigs (with our bare hands....grrr) and saved the little blue shed from certain destruction...phew!

Strange how I have been on three different shed roofs in the last 12 months...I quite like it.

Right,back to crafting. As promised here are some more collage style cards and some photos of the Vanilla and Strawberry and Red Velvet Cupcakes that I made for our Jubilee party.  Delicious they were too:)

Hopefully I am going to the Vintage Emporium this weekend for a good nosey and inspiration.  Hope you all have fun whatever your weekend holds for you. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Like a Swan

I may look all serene and swan like on the exterior but under the water I'm paddling madly....

Between working extra hours at school, special school events, a Jubilee family get together and building up a collection of cards for selling(remember my New Year goals?) I haven't had a lot of time to blog.

These were Nigel's idea, he had seen a similar style in an old copy of The Craft Stamper Magazine.  I was a little apprehensive at all the white space but found them relatively easy and quick to put together. I used so many scraps up too.  Nigel stamped and coloured the dragonflies with watercolour pencils.  I then assembled and stickled the wings.

The box of stamps I told you about here were opened too and suitable stamps found.

I may of been a doubting Thomas about them, but they have turned out to be some of my favourite cards I have made to date.

Right, Got things to make, people to see....I will be back soon with the buzzy bee version soon and maybe a cupcake or two...promise:)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilant Jubilee

Hello there! Hoping you have all had a Jubilant Jubilee today.

Scary photo eh? I wore these glasses and boppers to school on our jubilee picnic day. I was told I looked like an irritated wasp.... actually I can see the resemblance. 

I'm really here to join in with Sian's Storytelling Sunday.  It has a Jubilee theme too.

I decided to make some patriotic bunting by cutting up some old curtains.  I enlisted my mum to sewing machine duties while I measured and cut.  Nigel was the runner, making sure the demanding machinist had enough of the right colour.

We used my old Singer...

Do you remember I mentioned it before.  It looks lovely but only has one type of stitch but I'm sure even if it had more it still wouldn't help my sewing abilities (see my sewing story here).  It was my nan's and has been converted to electric by adding a foot pedal. Mum remarked that it sewed pretty well considering how old it must be.  'I bet you can probably find out how old it is by looking on line' I said.  Nigel noticed a brass plate with a code on and wrote it down.  A few minutes later he had found it was made in 1912.  Exactly 100 years old.  

Isn't it a nice thought to think a machine of that age is still being useful.  

Not bad for a 100 year old...