Friday, 29 July 2011

Say Cheese

Hoorah! I survived to the end of term.

Now I have caught up on a few chores I found time to actually do some scrapbooking.

In this house we are all interested in Comic Books, Manga and Anime so a few weeks ago we visited the Film and Comic Con held at Earls Court.  On the way home I tried to get some photos (and wanted to play with the histamatic app) of Rob and Nigel.  Both weren't playing ball and proceeded to be silly to try to avoid the camera.  But I scrapped the photos anyway.

Again, a fairly graphic, minimal page but with a total of six photo's on the page it was never going to have lots of details.

Another page is on it's way with some of the weird and wonderful sights you encounter at Comic Con (and sometimes scary)....Btw my favourite comic character is Powergirl, she rocks!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

And I'm still counting....

I'm still counting down the days to the end of term.......1 and a half working days.

Jobs to be done..... too many!

On the plus side I have practically got everything we need for our trip to Slovenia.  Thinking about our holiday is all that's keeping me going.

Looks inviting.....but that water has come straight out of it's source way up in the mountains....brrrr!

 Both the Teen and I needed new walking boots.....him because he keeps growing (grrrr) and me because I need a more lightweight pair than the heavy ones I have already.
Typical Slovenian Hay racks.

The white is chalk not snow.

After trying every ladies boot in the shop ( with help from the lovely sports student from the local university that worked there and who even managed to get the teen to talk about studying and  exams) I managed to get some (ahem) very bright turquoise boots.  Not as light as I wanted or the colour I would usually go for but hey at least Nigel and Rob can find me if we have any low lying mist or cloud.  But I kinda like them.  Who wants to wear khaki anyway?
I even felt inspired to make this layout about them....

I have been playing with an hipstamatic app on my i-touch and although the quality is not as good as a standard camera, I love the retro feeling they give.

A fairly simple layout this time with hardly any patterned paper so a little spritz of Cosmic Shimmer helped to give some interest to the plain card stock.

Right back to the counting.........

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Wishing I was somewhere else.....where there are beautiful mountains, peaceful rambles, yummy cakes and chilled local beer.....

Wishing I was in Slovenia.

Eleven working days and counting to the end of's been a long one and my to do list is growing longer and longer.  Why does my teacher keep adding to it?  Does she not know we only have eleven days left?  We meet our new class tomorrow, paperwork to file, storage rooms to tidy and sort, resources to stock check, data to input, display boards to change and a showdown with a sewing machine....last time the machine won!

No energy or time to craft......

Wishing I was in Slovenia......sigh.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


What was I inspired by last week? 

 Take a while to potter through this website.

Isn't it a fab idea?  I'm already forming short journalling sentences in my head.  Like this ....

........I wish he would help water the garden now.

The possibilities are endless.  No stories to tell, no writers block, just scrapping because you can.

From this photo....

 I made this..............

I am going to have a rummage through my mums photo's tomorrow.  I know she has some of me when I was about 3 years old in their back garden.  The great thing is that if the area you go back to has changed a great deal it makes the new photo even more interesting.

Can't wait to get started scrapping some more. If you feel similarly inspired i would love to see your interpretation.  Leave a link address in your comments so I can have a peep.

Happy photographing!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The adventures of a teaching assistant...

Hoorah! It's Story Telling Sunday again over on Sian's blog.  This weeks story from me only happened last week....

You may of read a few stories of my adventures as a teaching assistant in a primary school here on my blog.  Most of my stories involve either a) Embarrassing situations or b) Dressing up....which may mean that both a and b are equally embarrassing.  All my adventures involve my partner in crime, Jackie.

Well last week Jackie asked me to assist her in supervising our cricket team at the county finals.  A day out of school and a chance to catch up on gossip was right up my street.  Only eight boys to supervise....easy.  We set up our deckchairs, applied the suncream, open our flask of coffee for a nice sit down while the boys started their game. 

Even though Jackie and I had no cricket experience (we were drafted in to take them as Jackie has a licence to drive the school bus and.....well, where Jackie goes I follow).  We did learn a few hand signals of the cricket variety and cheered our team on and clapped politely when we thought we should.

By the way the cricket club it was being held was next to Knebworth House.  A lovely venue, the stately home could be seen in the near distance.  So as I was saying, we where just getting into the match when the cricket ball is batted over the fence.  Don't ask me why but I volunteered to go over and get the ball (the gate was locked to keep out the peasants I think)  A parent gave me a leg up and i wobbled over, hoping the flimsy wire fence would not buckle under my weight.  The boys cheered me on as I jumped down and threw the ball back.  Then everyone got on with the game.  Forgotten and dejected I scrambled back over the best I could (Jackie just laughed at me and took photos.....being her ever helpful self as usual). 

And that's it really....a little insight into a day of a teaching for anything!

It's all been a big bleugh! here recently on the crafting front.  It's a busy time at school, a week of cycling training starts tomorrow so I just know i am going to be very tired.  But I saw something on a blog yesterday that got me quite excited and has motivated me to get my paper stash out again.  I will fill you in later in the week....