Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How do you scrapook part 4

This is my final post about what we can use to motivate and inspire us to scrapbook.

We have talked about photos, stories, pretty paper, the everyday and sketches but what if we don't have a photo?  Every layout needs a photo right?

Ta-da!  News Flash! you don't.

This layout was inspired by my favourite words.  Yes, I have words that I just like the sound of.  For example...plod, splodge, sparkle, fab, fantastic, chevron, get the picture?  The idea of making a layout about my favourite words has been in my head for some time so I decided to finally have a go.  Guess what?  It's the first photo less layout I have ever done....woo!...go me!

Sorry about the glare but I ran out of daylight hours as it was already getting dark at four today:(

Yes, I did struggle initially with not having a central point but knew I wanted to use some Kaisercraft labels for the words.  A few different layers of paper helped to give a focus and this is where I wrote my journalling.

My favourite technique recently is to rub distressing ink over embossed card stock.

Sepia glossy accents over sticker alphas....lush.

As I was typing this I realised that there are many more words that I like as well....lush, glimmering, squidge (did I make this one up as my spellchecker only recognises squidgy?), and don't even get me started on phrases I regularly say....what am I like (there's one of them). 

So there you's official, you don't need photos to now you have no excuses not to.....

Go know you want to...


  1. Fabarama (one of my fav Words) layout. I have been planning one with suzyisms thats mostly made up from the hilarity posting on my UKS FROM MY SMARTPHONE which has a.mind entirely of its own making

    Have really enjoyed your articles Alana

  2. Suzy, smartphones....tell me about it. That predictive text drives me nuts!!! that sounds fun. Let me know when you have made it.:)

  3. Amontillado is one of my favourite words, though not one of my favourite drinks.

    I definitely love to make pages without photos - maybe it appeals to my lazier side? or my non-technie I don't want to be bothered with the printer side?

  4. Gorgeous layout, I love making no photo ones too.
    C xx

  5. Love this, and the enthusiasm with which the post is written, makes me want to go and try :)

  6. Cool layout, never thought about doing a no photo layout may have to give it a go :)