Friday, 2 December 2011

Glittering season

Hello there, I am pleased to announce that today at school the glittering season began. Most of the glitter was on them, the table, the chairs and the floor but the kids do like a bit of bling.....and so do I. I met the teen in town for a seasonal Starbucks late afternoon today and also bought some Christmas headgear to add to my collection that I wear to school. After seeing lots of pretty seasonal light photos on Pinterest and various blogs this week I wanted to take some of my own. This was the best I could do......well our town centre Christmas lights are a bit pathetic. I will try again at the weekend when we visit St Albans (the teen needs to draw inside the cathedral).....their lights are much better. Just have to try not to feel like a berk taking random photos in public first.


  1. Would you believe that I saw this on Facebook and couldn't find the like button? Maybe it was because I was signed in as the blog. I'll get there, I will get there. But it's complicated!

    So glad it's glittering season!

  2. Tell me about it Sian, I still don't know what a poke is. I'm sure I would of noticed if someone had poked me:) anyone want to enlighten me?