Sunday, 4 December 2011

Storytelling Sunday

Over on Sian's blog 'From high in the Sky' it's Storytelling Sunday.  I have tried to join in as much as possible this year and this month I want to share a story that is a bit christmassy, a little sentimental but also joyful.

Pull up your chair, curl up under the blanket and I will begin.

This is the story of a strong, determined lady who had a heart of gold and despite outliving two husbands one of which she nursed through cancer and being herself housebound later in life still had a positive,cheery disposition.  

This lady was my Nan and Great Gran to my son.

I have fond memories of staying with my Nan in the summer holidays.  Going to work with her in the pub kitchen, walking home from the village as she didn't have enough money for the bus as she had treated me to a chocolate desert in Sainsbury's, and her ringleting my hair (Violet Elizabeth style) with her old fashioned metal ringlet curlers.

Later in life when I had my own son she adored his visits and understood the modern life when hers was so different. 

That was my Nan, dearly loved and missed since her death.  So I was deeply touched and felt quite sentimental when I discovered that my son had lit a candle in her memory when he visited St Albans Cathedral where he was drawing the inside for his college coursework.  

I felt bad though as I had just berated him for not actually drawing anything as he had forgotten to take his sketch we revisited today.  I lit a candle and remembered these memories while he sketched.


  1. Alana you've bought a tear to my eyes, but this time in a good way. What a wonderful woman she was and how lucky she was to have been loved by you and your family. Your son is a credit to you x

  2. what a beautiful story and makes me think of my own Nan who is also greatly missed. Have a lovely Christmas xxx

  3. How lovely you had the opportunity to revisit the Cathedral with your son. Twice blessed! These memories of our Grans/Nans are so important and it is wonderful to think that your son remembers her just like you do.
    Enjoy your Christmas.

  4. Alana, this is just lovely :) She sounds like an amazing person, funny how Christmas stirs up those memories isn't it?

    Your contributions this year have been much enjoyed by us all, and your support much appreciated by me. Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh, sniff... How wonderful! Thank you for this story, so beautifully shared with us.
    You have obviously brought up your son with the same values that you inherited from your lovely Nan. That's obvious, as you returned with him to the Cathedral, so he could sketch what he had missed - and so you could also light your own candle.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, full of family and fun!

  6. A touching tale - TFS
    Merry Christmas ♥

  7. What a thoughtful boy you have. Hope you have a great family christmas.

  8. What a lovely Nan and Grand Nan! And wasn't it fortuitous that he forgot his pad and you both got to go back to light a candle and remember again. Merry Christmas!

  9. Tthis is such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely son.

  10. What a touching tale. Heartwarming and tear jerking all at the same time. Beautifully told. Wshing you a very Merry Christmas. Fiona xx