Wednesday, 21 December 2011

No to sprouts!

This household is a no sprout zone, except for the sprout racing after dinner.

They came one year in our crackers and it's become a tradition after dinner to race them around the dining room table.

This year I am making my own crackers with a cracker kit that I bought last year and never used.  I have bought some lottery tickets and need to make some hats.  Maybe a dare or two?  What do you think?

Just to answer a few of you that have asked for video evidence regarding my dancing.....there isn't any, will never be video evidence.  You will just have to be reassured by myself that it did happen, I was good and I made some of the boys dance with me (well one as this one had a resigned look on his face and the others ran when they saw me coming).  The girls just looked embarrassed and laughed!!!


  1. Fun page - love the idea of sprout racing :)

  2. I love the sprout racing idea too - my boys would find something like that really funny! Definatly going to keep my eye out for something like that next year :-) Another nice page all the sparkle.