Sunday, 18 December 2011

Festive Bakes

Page two of my mini festive book is all about Festive Bakes.  Early preparation is key when it comes to baking for Christmas.  It varies year to year to what gets made but you can be sure there will be a mince pie or two.  This year I used a Jamie Oliver recipe and made my own 'Whisky and Walnut' sweet mincemeat.  It was incredibly easy that I wished I had made it in previous years.....tastes good too.

He he, see my nosey kitsch doggie peeping over the top?

I also made a Christmas cake this year, Tropical Rum so no manky marzipan and icing to be done.  It would of been rude not to taste the dark rum with coke and we found that we actually quite liked it.  So much so we had to buy another bottle...hic!

Nigel had been hankering after Gingerbread Men recently so I made a batch of them too.  Unfortunately my legendary icing skills came to the forefront again and they ended up with very demonic faces...

It's all about holly tomorrow, so stay warm and see you then.


  1. I think I could just eat the mincemeat straight, without the baking bit!

  2. I'd probably eat more than i'd bake! great pages.

  3. Gorgeous _ I DO love those papers :)

  4. What a great project, perfect for Christmas. I love that stripey paper too! :)

  5. goodness that cake sounds lot won't tolerate a tropical one...they insist on stout and brandy in our cake...but i'd rather eat yours!! ;0)