Tuesday, 20 December 2011


When we first set up our home, our decorations were very chic and had a colour scheme.....well it was the 80's.

But now we prefer a multicoloured kitsch dream.  Don't ask me why our tastes have changed, maybe it's our interests and hobbies.  Maybe we just like to be different.  I know I like it when people ask 'What do you have on top of your Christmas tree?' (because they do don't they?) and i reply 'Oh, a glittery, purple leaping deer'.  Although the deer is at the top, Rob has stuck on the very tip, a tiny feathered robin this year.

There are dogs with ruffs and tutus, burgers, fries and glitter balls, sledging snowmen, jewel coloured glass stars, angels reclined on clouds and chandelier baubles.  Whatever finds itself on our tree there is always to be found a little golden bell (from a lindst chocolate reindeer) and a iridescent bauble, inscribed with gold pen 'Roberts 1st Christmas'

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  1. Our tree is a complete mix up too - I love that everything has been gathered up over the years and we still have the decos the kids made in Primary School and all that stuff on it