Wednesday, 28 March 2012

More tea Alice?

I have had these Octopode Factory stamps for a while now.  A little different for me but I love that creepy, zombie style personalities these Alice characters have. 

How I constructed the shrine is pretty self explanatory from the photo. The John Lewis value range tape measure has been a brilliant buy.  I also put to some use a cracker present of mini playing cards, scrunched up and distressed with ink.

I tend to stamp a batch of images in one go and colour them in with Promarkers.  That way when I want a quick make, I can choose a finished image and easily make a card or two.  I just match the paper to the colours I have coloured in the stamp image with. That's what I did with the shrine, the images were all ready to go so it didn't take long.

From the comments left about my power walk post I gather many of you don't like to get too sweaty exercising.  I'm not a athlete by any means but I do find a brisk walk does my 'happy' hormones a power of good.  Walking in the sunshine is even better.  Yes, I probably do look a little odd powering along (hence the shades and music helps me block out the world). Taking photos in public has always made me feel self conscious too.  But I'm trying my best to get over it and keep on taking them.

What ever you may be doing this week, I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine too.


  1. You've sure got your creative head on :)

  2. Nah, I'm sure you don't look odd powering along, just awesome!

    Very cool and creepy Alices. I like them

  3. Im another walker too :) Great shrines

  4. I love your quirky little shrine. I've kept cracker playing cards too :)I'm just jealous of your power walking as I can't do it any longer and if you get a bit sweaty - it's doing you good.

  5. This is fantastic, I love the Octopodes, I really should use mine more.
    C xx

  6. Love it-the stamps are fabulous!

  7. Gorgeous stuff, love how fresh they look!