Friday, 23 March 2012

How Red???

How red is red enough?

Since Rob has started college last September, he really has come out of himself.  For a start there's the hair colour.

He started with blue streaks that weren't quite bright enough for him.  Then red it's red all over.

The Authentique bar code edge quotes fitted the subject perfectly.  I also used 7 gypsies paper, string, staples and a 'discover' embellishment.

And this is the result of today's dyeing session.  Unique he certainly is:)


  1. Wow - that is a head of hair to be proud of. looks in fab condition :0)

  2. love the colour! fab page too - liking all the stamps x

  3. Ha ha my daughter is exactly the same! She has really long hair so I have to use two boxes of dye each time ! The roots are already coming though now and it looks like a blood bath when we do it!!!
    Fab layout and his hair looks great!

  4. Fab lo and I am partial to a shiny bit red hair dye too

  5. Gorgeous layout, his hair looks fab too.
    C xx

  6. Excellent hair! and a fantastic layout to go with it

  7. super papers on a great the red hair too!