Monday, 26 March 2012

My power walk route in pictures

I am very lucky to be able to only work part time so on a sunny day like today I was able to take a power walk in the afternoon. With the longer and sunnier days it really makes me WANT to get out and pump the adrenaline around my body. If I am going on my own I always have my iPod on full blast playing a Running Trax beat and my sports sunglasses. It makes me feel like no one can see me....crazy eh?

So my route is a half hour at a fast pace. It takes me from my street, past a little wooded green, though the park and past the all weather football pitch and the bowling greens. Then out and along a couple of residential streets that go uphill. Though the garages and the final ten minutes is down a very long downhill main road which eventually takes me back home.

The the prettiest of routes but an easy enough half hour timed route.

Right while I'm pumped up it's time to tackle the ironing:(


  1. Argh! Fast. Scary. Mind you, I spent the morning power-ironing and that just made me hot and swaety without the fresh air and the nice pictures!

  2. I love the thought of you snapping away in your sporty sunglasses marching along at a fast pace......are you singing as well? :)

  3. If only a walk could inspire me to iron LOL - sounds like a great idea the weather is beautiful and makes you want to get does inspire me to wash too (just shame about the ironing). Love the photos...I will have to learn about making the photo collages and I love the negativeish borders.

  4. I suppose with a view like this power walking or any exercise isn't too bad

  5. A power walk does me the world of good too. Only a group of us go so I don't feel so self conscious. Its far too fast a pace for me to take photos though and the girls won't stop once they start lol!!