Tuesday, 3 April 2012

It's in the genes

I don't know where I learnt to bake but it certainly wasn't from my Nan.  Bless her, she wasn't the best cook in the world.  Coming from Yorkshire her food was basic and filling.  Yorkshire Puddings where her speciality.  Big, fluffy and golden.  Quite unlike mine.  Yorkshire Puds are definitely not my speciality.  Her infamous Lardy Cakes are a family legend.  Being a thrifty Yorkshire lass you used any left over pastry and mixed in dried fruit and sugar to make a sort of Welsh Cake that you baked in the oven.  I'm still not sure if she made that recipe up.....I guess I will never know now.

Anyway when life gets a bit stressful or tough I always reach for my big yellow mixing bowl and bake something fattening.

Chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies anyone?

 Double chocolate cookies....

Over 400g of chocolate in these babies.  They wouldn't win any prizes in the good looks department but blimey they hit the chocolate spot.


Now something slightly more healthy...

Homemade granola.  Yummy with milk or sprinkled on plain yogurt.

Maybe the baking genes did come from my Nan after all...I have fond memories of going to work with her at the pub kitchen when I was younger.  Maybe she influenced me to bake for others enjoyment.

This is a story with pictures for Sian's Storytelling Sunday.


  1. Oohhh I wouldn't say no to one of those peanut butter cookies, but I'll have to wait till Easter Sunday, when Len is over

  2. Mmmmmmm I could snack on some of those goodies for sure I think you are definitely a baker

  3. Well, I'm glad that I'm eating my sandwiches as I read otherwise you would have been torturing me - those photo are brilliant! I have actually tried a Lardy Cake, persuaded by a Yorkshire friend. Very nice it was too - I fancy trying some of these too

  4. ps - thanks for linking up to Storytelling Sunday - it's not the same without you!

  5. Oooh looking at these is making me hungry!

  6. Yes please any of them will do me as they all look delicious. As you don't have any of your Nan's recipes recorded you need to make sure that you record yours and you never know who you might inspire to bake in the future.

  7. ooh I'm just off to bed & those cookies will be on my mind! I'm having a quiet five minutes reading bedtime Story Telling Sunday on Thursday!

  8. I like chocolate chip cookies myself - and yorkshire puddings are something I've had to learn as Wookie loves them.

    Great photos and tempting treats... just need the recipes now :)