Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ruffles and frills

As promised I'm back to share my amazing knitting.  No, I am not a very good knitter, slow and awkward would describe my style.  But before Christmas I discovered a wonderful yarn called Can Can Glitz.  When it's wound in the wool it just looks like normal chunky yarn but when pulled out it is actually a meshed tape.  You cast on by pushing your needles through the holes in the mesh then knit in the usual way except your stitches are actually the holes in the tape.  I may not be describing this too well but I'm sure there must be a You Tube video somewhere.

Doesn't it look great.  I have made three scarves now, two in the lilac as shown above and one in hot pink.  Unfortunately they have all been presents but I am pleased to say that all the recipients were delighted to receive them.

I did cause a bit of a stir in the staff room when I took it in to do at lunchtime (I had a deadline of two days before my mums birthday).  Everyone thought I was dead clever....little did they know that it was just my poor knitting skills that made it look difficult.  In fact a scarf only took two evenings to make and one ball of yarn.

  Here in my little part of Hertfordshire we seem to have a distinct lack of haberdashery and crafty shops so the only stockist I know for sure that has it is Hobbycraft.  I really must make one for myself sometime....  


  1. Wow! I'll bet they went down well! They look like a perfect present.

    I wish we had a Hobbycraft. There is a perfect empty unit for it right beside our Dunelm Mill..

  2. Well I'm impressed that you knitted 3 of them. My friend knitted one just like it and tried to explain how it's done. I think it's one of those things that's easier to understand when you see someone actually doing it. What's next on the knitting agenda?

  3. What a fab scarf & well done knitting under pressure, I always panic a bit if there's a knitting/crochet deadline involved, I need some of that yarn. I understand your instructions perfectly, but I am a knitter lol I'll have to give these a try.
    C xx

  4. wow your scarf looks wonderful - clever you x

  5. Oh you just have to make one for you, this is so lovely