Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Can you guess what my New Year resolutions are? Not hard is it? But with my blogging post about optimism and confidence ringing in my ears (btw thanks for your confidence boosting comments for that) I thought to myself 'You can loose that stone and you will fit in your jeans without a muffin top....and get fitter to boot'.
  So after a healthy lunch of homemade Tuscan Bean Soup I walked  into the town centre today (even in the awful weather Britain has been having). I got a copy of Zest and popped in Julian Graves (health food shop) to stock up on healthy nibbles. Yes I know apricots have sugar in but they are better than the cakes and chocolate I have been eating of late. Also they are unsulphured apricots, so no allergy problems for me. Oh, and I got the latest Just Dance wii game....I like a good boogie (the teen and the hubby just like to watch in awe at my antics). I hear music, I like to dance.  Next week I am going to a new Zumba Class which I am looking forward to.
On the crafting front, the '365 photo challenge' has started and I also intend to keep up with ' Sians Storytelling Sunday'. I am also going to join in Julie Kirks 'My Month in Numbers' this year too. So lots of good intentions, just hope I keep it all going.


  1. Well done Sounds like you have made a good start :)

  2. well done to you :) Hope i have some of your resolve!

  3. Yeah, you really are on a roll, good for you. I threw away all our biscuits today and we've started walking Eddie a little bit further each time.

    I'm also joining you in the project 365, and I downloaded that app you told me about :)

  4. Did Sandra really just say that she threw away all their biscuits? Wow! Best of luck with the resolutions!