Monday, 23 January 2012

Hearts and Flowers

Anyone a member of the Instagram site?  I have become quite addicted to it and regularly drop in daily to view wonderful photos from photographers from around the world.

I prefer to follow the iphone user photographers as this is the camera I am using to take photographs for the Scrap 365+1 photo challenge.  It makes for quick and easy uploading to blogs, flicker, facebook and of course the Instagram site itself.

I use my UKS name Gingerscraps if you fancy having a browse sometime.

I'm really enjoying the challenge of the daily prompts, I think it releases the frustrated photographer in me.  The iphone camera and various apps to help edit them really help to make the mundane look spectacular.  Not for me f stops and instruction manual reading....I like to just pick up my camera and snap.

So apart from taking photos, last week I was furiously making birthday gifts.  It was my Mum's 70th birthday and one of my presents to her was a scrapbooking canvas.

Doilies, paper roses and Kasercraft Bonjour range.
Blank canvases can be found fairly cheaply now and I find make a layout extra special.

The title of this old sheet music found in a charity shop seemed apt.

I used a photo of my Mum as a young girl.

I chose a photo of my Mum as a young girl as she doesn't like her photo taken and so I thought she would appreciate a photo that didn't remind her of her age.  I borrowed it last year amongst a pile of other family photos so it was a complete surprise to her that I had copied it. 

I had better go and check on my Carrot and Coriander soup as the diet starts in earnest this week....I have an app for that too:)


  1. I'll look for youon instagram, I am a member although haven't posted any photos yet :).

    Loving the canvas, it looks so pretty.

    Big thanks for your help on the 7 days photo, I ended up emailing it to myself, but I did post them today on the blog .... All thanks to you xx

  2. oh your canvas for your Mum is gorgeous...and so is she as a little girl...don't the two of you look alike!!

  3. Totally fantastic canvas. That is a seriously great idea for a special gift. Am going to check out the Instagram site too....thanks for sharing. Karen

  4. It looks gorgeous - I love your thoughtful answer to the photo . I'll be checking out Instagram because I totally agree that the added effects make it easy to take an interesting picture

  5. Oh this is stunning, very pretty.
    C xx

  6. I thought that was a photo of you as a young girl - you must look like your mum. I'm sure she will be thrilled with her canvas it's gorgeous.

  7. Your canvas looks wonderful I bet your Mum was thrilled. I've loved seeing your photos, do you have an app for everything? ;)