Monday, 16 January 2012

Gingerbread House

I sort of got into a crafting funk after my Christmas Mini Book flurry. As this is predominately a crafting blog I have had nothing much to show you.  But this week sees a couple of family events that I really had to start preparing for.  Today is my Mum and Dads wedding anniversary and on Saturday is my Mums 70th Birthday.  So I need to get cracking as all my gifts are hand crafted....cripes!

Although I have managed to finish this simple layout....and its all about my Gingerbread House.

Oh what fun we had putting this together....well it might of been easier if i had followed the instructions.  But you know i don't like doing that:) 

Before it collapsed...

My trusty kitchen hand(hubby)kindly read the instructions to me.  'Once the sides are stuck together, wait 15 minutes before attaching the roof'.  My exact words were 'Sod that!'.  So I merrily assembled the house, rather cleverly finishing in record time....only to find the roof slipping off 10 minutes later.  Even the Gingerbread men drunkenly fell over.

Drunken and disorderly Gingerbread men in charge of the wonder it fell down.

So after taking it apart and then trying again (this time waiting 10 minutes before the roof was attached)the icing wasn't quite as nice as it had started out.  Lucky for you I took some photos before it collapsed.

Roof off!


  1. Ooh, pretty! Yes that happened to us when we tried to make the bargain-out-of-TKMaxx one a couple of years ago!

  2. those gingerbread house are tricky to put and keep together - you done well and made a lovely layout

  3. Lol .... I can just imagine you saying that lol. Oh it looks just fabulous, I'm super impressed

  4. I had this same kit! This looks lovely well done! Found the icing for the icicles really hard to manipulate, you have done really well!

  5. Gorgeous house and yours is LOADS better than mine...realised that icing was a skill and needs practice but the kids loved it :)