Saturday, 28 January 2012

Week 4, photo 365+1

A few tricky prompts this week:

1. Glowing... Late afternoon sun amongst stormy clouds.
2. Hot....Cleaned the kettle especially for this shot.
3. Motion...My garden in a glance.
4. Motionless...Tulips (secretly growing) shh!
5. Free prompt, Clearing leaves...a job always nicer in bright wellies.
6. Amazing...Amazing nature, frost on the car.
7. Fluffy...Totoro, my favourite anime character.

All photos taken using my itouch, edited using Instagram and Be Funky photo apps.


  1. Another fabulous week Alana! I love seeing your photos all together like this! I must do a collage of mine! Lol at cleaning the kettle just for the photo - see, I'm even getting you to do your housework :D *polishes halo*

  2. I love your ideas and photos

  3. Pink Wellies are a must and a nice clean shiny kettle x

  4. This is a great way to showcase them, they are more impressive that way. Love the wellies :)

  5. Another stylish week :) Your collages will look so good together, with those random blank spots - it's a great look

  6. Looks so cool :) ?... Why do you do this to me, have I now got to check out be funky lol

    Hope you're having a good weekend x

  7. I love those wellies!Great photos.

  8. Very effective photo mosaic and response to prompts.

  9. Beautiful photos and love Totoro.... is he a rabbit?