Saturday, 21 January 2012

Week 3, Photo 365+1

Here's my weekly photo roundup.

1. Generous.....Creme eggs certainly aren't any more. They get smaller every year.
2. Snack.....Trying to loose a few pounds so my afternoon snack is quark on crumpets with a little apricot jam.
3. Naughty.....Cream cakes. Naughty but nice and yes I resisted.
4. Pleasure......bursts of colour always give me pleasure. Today was my bright pink coat.
5. Bad for me.....Reading instructions I do not like. Give me a diagram any day.
6. Sign....Big boy boots left abandoned in the hall. A sign that the teen is home.
7. Fire....A lovely birthday celebration for my mums 70th today.

I lurked in the co-op for photos this week. Felt pretty stupid taking photos of creme eggs and cakes but it's all in the name of photography:)

Back soon with lots of crafty birthday makes.


  1. You have to suffer for your art lol. Ok, I gave a question, how do I get my 7days photos onmy blog?

  2. Another great week of pics there. I can just picture you loitering with intent by the dream cakes and creme egg displays

  3. A fab week of photos! I've been known to lurk in a supermarket aisle too ... :) Thanks for sharing your week :D x

  4. lol, i think we've all took some strange photos in our time. Im known for taking lots of my drink when in costa, lol.

  5. Cool photos! I love the candles especially