Wednesday, 25 April 2012

And there's more...

As promised I'm back with some close ups of the printers tray.

  I decided to start with a plain cardboard base, some was corrugated card I moistened with water first before ripping off the fist layer.  I then set about ripping, cutting and then sticking down the leftover Cosmo Cricket papers from Gottacraft, old music paper and tissue paper.  I inked my own tissue paper and smeared or painted on gesso to give some sort of uniformity. 

I also used distress ink in vintage photo around the edges and to stamp on the script and backgrounds.

Lastly I spritzed on a few different glimmer mists/cosmic shimmers.

My first thought was to add older photos of the family in black and white only.  Part of me thinks I should have done this but I so like the muted pastel colours on the bottom two photos of my hip mum and nan sat in a boat.

Like many of you listening to music is something I like to do while crafting and many tunes on my ipod arouse memories from the past.  But upon listening to the lyrics, I found I could use them to create a more personal journalling than a quote could have done.

It took me a while to find suitable lyrics, trawling through my music and then checking on line the lyrics to find ones that suited.

We took this using the timer of the camera, gosh we look young.  Although I must of been either 18 or 19 here...
Lastly I added a few embellishments including garden string, lace, trimmings and a few decorated cotton reels.

Do you remember when I made these buttons?
You want to know the great thing about this project?  It didn't cost me a penny.  All the paint, papers etc, I already had.  

I'm on the lookout for another suitable drawer now.



  1. Honestly Alana this is just amazing ...... Really amazing

  2. Thanks for posting more photos of your lovely, lovely project Alana. I think your photos look perfect as they are.

    I spotted, actually sung some of those lyrics as soon as I saw them - I was a big Heaven 17 fan :)

    ......and if you do find another drawer like that I'll be totally jealous.

  3. Amazing I love it :) thanks for sharing more photos stunning piece of work. x

  4. Wow that is really lovely, you've done a wonderful job with it.
    C xx

  5. It's beautiful - I'd love to hold it in my hands and admire it properly (and have a closer look at 19 year old you!)

  6. It is have inspired me to dig out the one that is waiting on my shelf for me to alter - I love the photos and all the texture :)

  7. wow Alana - what a beautiful tray to treasure. The colours and photos are perfect!!