Sunday, 15 April 2012

Time flies....

Oh dear! The Easter school holidays are nearly over for me and I am rushing to get all those little jobs done that I had promised myself to do.  I feel a bit frustrated today as I really want to get my little arty project finished so I can share it with you but I seem to have too many 'house' chores to finish first. Although I shouldn't really be feeling this way as I have worked through my list of 'things to do' that I give myself each holiday pretty well.

Firstly, a major achievement was starting and finishing the decorating. It felt like painting the Forth Bridge at the time but we are very happy with the result...

Sorry about poor quality photo.  Took this on my itouch a camera battery died.
Pretty good considering I nearly chucked that wallpaper in the bin at one point.

I managed to meet up with my two best friends...

Jackie, who I work with but never seem to see at work as we have been separated due to bad
Then there was the family Easter Sunday dinner...

A rose between two thorns?
I am currently waiting for the paint to dry on my arty project at the moment. Then I need to print some photos...nearly done:)

I hope I am not 'bigging up' this arty adventure too much but it has really got me quite excited to be able to show it soon.

In the meantime here's a card a made a little while ago...

I fired up the Singer sewing machine for this one, foot down and away I went...

I love a little 'macro' action...
I'm back.....did you miss me?  Just been out to get the washing in because of the hailstones.  OK, housey chores to get messy with ink, glue and pretty stuff.


  1. It certainly sounds as if your holidays have included a bit of everything! looking forward to hearing more about your art. Though I think that wallpaper hanging could definitely be classified as art too!

  2. A busy holidays for you - bet it feels good to get the decorating always seems to go on for ages in this house. Look forward to seeing your arty project x

  3. Lovely card - the stitched detail is great!

  4. Great card and lovely colouring. I Know the feeling had lots of craft bits I wanted to get on with but due to the house work I have had to put crafting on hold which is a shame as my mojo has finally returned.

  5. Looks like you had a fab time, gorgeous card too.
    C xx

  6. Looks like you had some fun! And your card is gorgeous!