Friday, 20 April 2012

Teacups and Cakes...

Phew! Now that felt like a long working week.  Back to school and reality for me.

I have some more Gottacraft projects for you...

I have been meaning to do a layout about the delicious cakes, pastries and deserts to be found in Slovenia.  On our last visit taken last summer I was surprised to find the most mouthwatering scrumptious desert of them all was in a small, dingy quiet cafe at the foot of the ski jumping slopes. Freshly made buckwheat pancakes with berries and cream.... hmm, I'm drooling at the thought of them.  All three of us have a daily treat eaten with a cool beer of course or a 'Kockta' for Rob which is the Slovenian version coca cola.  And being very near the Italian border means there are superb ice-cream too.

In the Cosmo Cricket 'Tea for Two' range there are some lovely thick self adhesive chipboard pieces.  From roses to teacups...

The border paper really lends itself to be cut into strips...

And there is some fab journalling spot design papers too.

Well, it's the weekend tomorrow...hoorah:) As it is probably going to be wet weather I will be mostly staying indoors and trying to finish this special project I'm doing.  Nearly there but I need to visit Nigel's parents and rummage through the old photos and find some more song lyrics...intrigued?  I promise it won't be long now...


  1. I do like your title on the paint and all those cake photos! Lovely layout and card Alana

  2. I agree - the first week back was a very long one for me too. Glad you managed to get some crafting in though, all I've been able to do is read scrap mags

  3. Lovely Layout and card, those cakes look yummy :) love the title :)

  4. Sounds intriguing± I really like the way you've displayed the photos like this - reminds me of looking into a glass case of mouth-watering delicacies. :)

  5. Perfect page! Have you been watching the Hairy Bikers baking their way round Europe?

  6. Yes Sian, I have been watching the Hairy Bikers (or Bakers lol) Disappointed with Slovakia episode another 'S' country we have visited) but other than that I love seeing the cakes, pastries and bread. That place they stopped in Austria,(overlooking the mountains) we have been to too. Though they didn't mention the glacier that you can visit there. Venice was good this week, brought back happy but hot memories of when we visited.