Monday, 23 April 2012

Ta Daaaa!

At long last a Ta-Daaa moment for my little arty/scrappy/journal project.  have you been curious to what I have been doing?  All will be revealed at the bottom of the don't scroll down just yet.

It all started last summer...I found this at school, on the skip ready to be thrown out.  

An old drawer, complete with markered writing...

Are you thinking what I thought?  A perfect shape for a printers tray...I then put it in the 'little blue shed' (which is now little sea green shed) and promptly forgot about it until earlier this spring when I had to fight my way in to find the lawnmower. 

So I got the power tools out...and visited my Mum so I could look in the garage for suitable wood...

Being neat with glue has never been my strong point...Then lots of painting, sticking and stamping later...


I will go into more detail and close ups with a blog post later in the week but I don't want to bore you to tears with photo overload all on one day.

I may add a few more bits and bobs yet, a work in progress maybe?


  1. Its lovely Alana! The colours are so pretty. Your very clever :-) Look forward to seeing the close up photos.

  2. Alana, it looks amazing! Can't wait to see more, you clever thing.

    Do we get to see the shed too? Ours is sea green..

  3. Oh it's lovely, bet you're over the moon with it

  4. Wow what a great find and stunning work can't wait to see more pics and close up shots, it looks fantastic :)

  5. oh wow you clever lady you!! It looks fantastic, look forward to seeing a few close ups too x

  6. I love what you have done so far and I'm so impressed that you did all that it doesn't matter about the glue :)

  7. Wow, get you! Very brave project to tackle & beautiful results too :D Loving the look of those colours - can't wait for the close-ups

  8. That's fantastic, well done!! Can't wait to see the close ups.
    C xx

  9. thats so cool you changed something for the bin into something so pretty :)