Friday, 10 August 2012

Twittering Smurfs...

Ooh, what a lovely week I have had. Not only has the sun been shining but I have spent time with my two best buddies too. A nice country walk and pub lunch with Jackie (and I only got us lost once). Then a lovely tea party with Victoria Sponge Cake and berry fruits with Kelie-Marie. I have managed a little power walking and cycling this week but was astonished to find our local park almost empty, I realised why later that at 10 am all the teens would still of been in bed. The BMX park is normally a hive of activity during school holidays. Of course I have been glued to twitter and the TV for Olympic updates. It's been so exciting that even the Smurfs have been joining in...


  1. yep caught the BMXing here......we were glued to the telly!

  2. I can't believe how sport I have turned! Not like me at all..I think the swimming has been my favourite.

    Nice pictures