Friday, 31 August 2012

Last Hurrah!

I'm counting down the days to the Autumn Term starting and going back to school:(  A new class teacher, classroom and year group for me.  A new college campus and modules for Rob.

  So with a few days to go I thought I would try and get some crafting projects that have been popping up and filling my head started.  Starting with some handmade cardboard buttons.  Very easy and they don't cost anything to make.

Ooh, lots of lovely buttons...
Using a die cutting machine, cut out the smallest three circles of a circle Nestabilities die from any old cardboard.  If it's quite thick you may have to hand cut the bottom layer of cardboard with scissors.  Then die cut the same size circles out of any scraps of patterned paper.  Stick on, punch two holes beside each other so it now resembles a button.  Coat with either Crackle Glaze or Glossy Accents.  I used crackle glaze and I may swipe some ink over them to highlight the cracks depending on the project I'm using them for.

A close up view and an excuse to show off my new nail polish....It came out more blue than the lilac I thought it would be.
I like them:)

I have also started knitting an autumnal coloured scarf, started a patchwork cushion and plan to make Blackberry and Apple Jam.

Nigel and I took a walk to check on our secret blackberry bushes (I could tell you where they are but then I would have to kill you, sorry!) Lucky for us Nigel had the foresight to take blackberrying Tupperware containers...just in case.  Wowza! Blackberries galore and loads to ripen too.  We may of *cough* scrumped an apple or two to go with them.  The apple trees are on a public footpath so I think we were safe from the farmers gun.

So much to do before Monday, I'd better get started on trying to finish a project or two.

P.S. I was tinkering with the blog backgrounds and layouts and I seem to have all the info stuck at the bottom of the blog.  So please ignore this until I can work out how to get it back to normal:)


  1. the buttons photo looked lovely and then you said you made them! Super, love them all i need is some crackle glaze!!

  2. So clever. I can just see these with grungeboard instead of cardboard

    1. Yes, there is no reason why you couldn't use grungeboard. Would look good embossed too:)

  3. Funky buttons and funky nail varnish too!

  4. These are so cute!!! Love them!

  5. These are great. Thanks for sharing.
    Sue xx

  6. The buttons are brilliant!

    Yes we went out blackberrying today and we're thinking jam, maybe some homebrew too?

  7. Love the buttons, Alana :-)

  8. Great buttons - I'll have to try that one day!