Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Being led astray...

Hello there!

Well my crafty plans went astray last week.

We took a couple of trips down to London to soak up the Olympic atmosphere.  Although we must of travelled on the hottest days last week it was a very pleasurable experience.  Yes, it was busy but not more than it usually is in the school holidays, we could get seats on the trains and tube and the atmosphere was fantastic.

The Olympic Rings, Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast.

Our family of three

We watched the Men's Road Race...well all 5 seconds of it.

A blur of cyclists.
...and generally just enjoyed ourselves mooching around.

Waiting for the cyclists.

I'm hoping to finish off a canvas today that I have been working on.  From now on I'm going to spread myself around in the craft room as it's all mine now....

Yes really!

Nigel started his new job today and left all suited and booted this morning to walk to his new office...GOOD LUCK NIGE! You deserve it.  Especially putting up with me invading your home office space with my crafty equipment. Or popping in for a 'chat' or a 'rant' if I have had a bad day.

Patience of a saint that man:)


  1. Nice photos - loving the two shades of red hair!

    Best of luck to Nigel, I hope the first day goes well

  2. Good luck with the new job. Love your photo blur and lucky you being able to soak up the atmosphere. In our house we haven't watched anything else since the Olympics started.