Wednesday, 22 August 2012


It's been a busy week again. We have taken advantage of the good weather by taking a few walks and trips out. We walked along one of our favourite spots along the canal at Ware. A beautiful walk where Nigel and I plan our retirement living on a Narrow Boat (although we have never had a boating holiday) Or dream of owning one of the canal side houses....sigh! We can but dream. Talking of dreams, the teen has been making plans and decisions regarding his future career....needless to say he has a plan A, B and C this time. I hope he can live his dreams too...


  1. A girl can dream. We keep trying to persuade our two that a canal boat holiday would be great..

  2. All the boys in my family recently spent a week away on the canals. They had a great time but I think all the locks (about 40 I think) wore them out. Some relatives lived on a narrow boat for a while too. Good to see you've been enjoying your time off.