Wednesday, 15 August 2012

...and there's more.

As you may be able to tell I'm really loving making these mini canvases at the moment.

Creating the backgrounds alone fill me with glee.

More butterflies but accompanied with birds this time.

Coloured with watercolour pencils and a little Stickles to add a touch of sparkle.

Here they are altogether.  In case your wondering they measure 3 x 3 inch square and are sold in a set of four in Poundland.

Do you remember me telling you about having the home office to myself now to use as a craft room?  I still haven't re-organised it but I have certainly spread myself about already.  I'm trying not to use both desks! I do intend on only having one as it will give me so much more space.

NB. The Electronic music CD and Real Ale Guide is NOT mine...

I may try and have a sort out today in there but it is going to be a big job, bookcases, books and desks need to be moved....
I'm not sure Nigel can cope with coming home from work to find his precious aircraft paraphernalia moved.

Second thoughts, maybe I should wait until the weekend... 


  1.'re very good at making them too!

    Best of luck with the clearing and tidying. We're doing kitchen cupboards today. Why, I ask myself, Why?

  2. Ha Ha I tidy my desk and have loads of room- it lasts all of 5 mins!!!So Good Luck!
    love those canvases :)

  3. I can't decide which I like best the butterflies or the birds.....they're both beautiful.

    If you are anything like me you should realise by now that no matter how much crafting space you have it will never be enough. That tidy spot never lasts long.

  4. the canvas are so lovely and your desk looks like a hive of creativeness

  5. stunning Canvases they look great :)

  6. I love the canvases.The backgrounds are gorgeous and I love how you've decorated them.