Monday, 22 August 2011

Hi Honey.....

........I'm home.

Well hello there, we are back in dear old blighty and the washing machine is spinning away.  We are still putting things away (I hate that part of the holiday) so I haven't had chance to scrap any holiday photos yet so I am going to bore you with a couple of photos's of our holiday instead.

Firstly, the awesomeness of this view from Slovenia across to Italy and Austria is definatly one of my favourites.  Please click onto it as it is so much better in a larger photo.

Pretty moth/butterfly with a rapidly flowing river behind.

Buckwheat pancakes with mixed berry sauce....these where simply delicious.

The only wet day, but the scenery is still pretty with the cloud decending over the mountains.

Pretty windows...

Well, that's all I am going to share for now.  The rest need to be scrapped and many a story told.....and the washing machine has stopped which only means one thing, another load to be put in....sigh!

Oh yes!!! I have seen that the video I posted is on here.  I didn't think it had been successfull.  maybe someone could tell me when it was available to see.  Sorry about the poor quality and any spelling mistakes I posted while I was away but the i-touch has very small keys.

I will be back soon to tell you more and maybe a layout ot two...ta ra for now.


  1. Your lovely selection of photos gives a brilliant idea of all the different aspects of your holiday. I can't wait to see more!

  2. What wonderful photos, you've got plenty to scrap that's for sure, maybe the last layout in the holiday album, should be of your washing machine lol

  3. Welcome back....your photos show an amazing place with gorgeous views. Look forward to seeing all your layouts!

  4. You have some great photos and I'm looking forward to seeing more and some layouts. The windows look stunning and I'm interested to know what type of butterfly that is.

    Wishing you dry windy weather for getting that washing dry.

    .....and I've accepted your dare I can feel a High Hat coming on ;)

  5. Gorgeous photos - I was trying to choose a favourite but as I went down the page the next one was beautiful in a totally different way - they will make some great pages :)

  6. Welcome back! Fab photos and i LOVE those windows!