Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A funny old day....

The marked footpaths around here are not quite like the public footpaths at home. For a start in the UK we have a tendency to signpost them. Also we don't have many landslides which means our paths are not littered with fallen trees, boulders and scree. You are never likely going to come across a missing path....that's been washed away by heavy rain (so heavy they slip into a ravine or river) . I have never been chased by a goat (with very large that a ram?) because he wanted my lunch and I never have to take off my boots and socks to wade across a I can continue the route home. Yes, it's quite different walking in Slovenia....


  1. Being chased by a goat? I'm getting penguin flashbacks all over again..

    Loved your crazy spelling comments today. Made me laugh!

  2. Sounds like fun!I really want to be dipping my toes in that water!