Thursday, 4 August 2011

Comic Con

As I mentioned the other week, the three of us recently had a day out down to Earls Court to visit The Film and Comic Con.

For those uninitiated among you, it's where you will find fans, merchandise and the odd film star of classic films, comic books and all things geek!

POW...Nearly managed a monotone layout....but a few sneaky colours found their way in.  KA-BOOM....Hand drew and coloured the captions.  BAM....A little inky distressing always covers any mistakes:)
Now, although most visitors are a pretty normal bunch, there is a tendency for some fans to 'dress up' as their favourite superhero or character (known as Cosplay.....costume + play = Cosplay).  So waiting in the queue to get in can be quite entertaining.  Apart from spotting the 'have you looked in the mirror' outfits (one Bat girl really should of cut down on the pies before wearing that particular outfit), some are obviously frustrated actors.  Enter Darth Vader, A Storm trooper, Dr Who and a Ghost buster who took it upon themselves to act as security for the day.  Accosting Robert, checking out the contents of his bag for any alien lifeforms, Dr Who analysed his water bottle while Darth Vader breathed menacingly.

Strips of Comic Book pages added interest.
I managed to get a few photo's of the 'security check' and the back of Rob's head before they lost interest and found a new 'victim'.


  1. Fab Layout and sounds like an awesome day :)

  2. What a fabulous day out!Wish I was there.

  3. hehehe great photos and amazing layout too!

  4. I can just imagine how much fun it was standing in line. I'll have to show hubby this layout and post, I just know he'll want to go next time lol. It's a really great layout