Friday, 13 May 2011

Tatty blue flowers

Want another idea to make free flower embellishments out of scraps?  Of course you do!

Start off with some scraps of netting and roughly cut out various sized circles.

Layer the circles up, smallest on top.  Push a brad though the middle of the circles.  Then tatty up the edges by pulling at the threads.

Scrunch up the netting between your fingers.  The more scrunched up the better.

Squidge the edges onto an ink pad.

Voila! Tatty net flowers.

I prefer the one on the left.  This one is a bit tattier as I melted it over a flame like the roses.  It left a few burnt bits but I cut these off.


  1. These flowers are beautiful - thanks for sharing your creative ideas :)

  2. Oh very pretty...will be having a go at those.

  3. These are lovely - does it count as saving pennies if I have to now go & buy some beautiful brads to make these now ;) lol!

  4. More lovely flowers. Love the colour of these ones.