Monday, 30 May 2011

Last week...

Well last week was a long, tiring week for me.  Not only was I still recovering from last weeks Year 5 'showbuild' event (where professional actor/dance/script writers come into school and produce a show from scratch from the Year 5's ideas, and support staff make all the scenery and props) but I had a cycling course to run and a leaving party to attend. 

No, this isn't my bike but the only way you can change the gears for a child on their bike is to ride it yourself.......and it adds a comedy moment for them too.  Boy, I look pretty tired don't I, plus it wasn't helped by a wine induced headache from the leaving party the night before.  Reemel, if you read this, we will will miss you so much.....and your rolly eyes!

Not my best side obviously!.......Reemel and Jackie look so much more sophisticated than me.  I just look a bit demented...

  Not much crafting this end but as it's half term this week I am hoping for some R 'n' R with my crafty stash sometime soon.

Btw,  just so you know I am not ignoring you all, I am still having problems with blogger not allowing me to post comments on other blogs.  I'm hoping it will be sorted out soon.


  1. I hope the rain stayed off for you.

  2. You don't look demented at all.... just happy! Loving the photographs of you on the too-small bike.... so funny!
    If you're having problems as I did, where you are sent to a sign-in page every time you try to leave a comment, then UNtick the 'keep me signed in' box... this sorted it for me (and it still sorting it even now - darn blogger! *lol*)