Thursday, 5 May 2011


Crumbs!, what great comments from you all about the cupcakes.  I have to say that I wasn't convinced the 99 cone ones would come out anything remotely like the photo but they did and tasted quite delicious.  It was a little strange eating something that looked like ice-cream but tasted of vanilla cupcake.  Eyes and brain not engaging moment.  The 99 cone cupcakes were super easy to make.  I found the recipe in this book.......

I loved baking before I entered the world of cupcakes but was more familiar with the 'all in one' recipes by Mary Berry (one of the judges on The Great British Bake Off).  One of the things I have always found difficult is cake decorating.  Too clumsy to make delicate sugar paste flowers and impatient to make the perfect icing bag out of greaseproof paper.  I have tried but I always ended up in a mess....butter cream squirting out of the top of the bag and oozing between the nozzle and end of the bag.  Until I found these.....

What a fantastic idea, so easy, no mess and good results.  The only drawback is they are quite small and so need filling up regularly.  The hole to fill up is small too.  So I am on a lookout for something larger.  These ones I found in John Lewis.

Did you notice that my last post was a non crafty one (if you don't include baking as a craft) or maybe I mean a non paper crafty one.  My first post without a craft reference since I have been blogging.  But I figure that I have got to know some of my readers pretty well over the past two years and maybe I should share some more of me and my daily life with you.  Do you want that?  Or is crafting what you want to see?  Let me know, then I won't bore you with cakes, teenage tantrums and the like again.

OK, back to the cake eating......If I finish them in one go do all the calories count I wonder? Also aren't raspberries one of your five a day?


  1. I am more than happy to see what happens in your life but then I am very nosey!! I love your crafty, both paper nad non paper so will continue to peruse your pages xxx

  2. Yum! - looks like a great book and those icing gadgets look really handy.

  3. Yes please I'd love to see what other treats you cook up. I have to congratulate you too as your cones look just like the photo.

  4. I like to read a little of everything on a blog....and your cupcakes are a treat.

    Those bags are terribly messy...haven't seen your nozzled pots before, but i know i'll now be seeking them out. Great post thanks x

  5. Bet you could make cakes just like those from paper anyways lol. Please do share everything with us - teenage tantrums a must (makes us other mums with teens feel more normal when our teens cause havoc).
    Funny enough, I've decided to post a bit more on everyday lfe for me too - though mishaps with glitter isn't exactly exciting *lol*

  6. Yes please to more baking etc! Love reading what people get up to! Maybe I'm just nosey....

    I'm a cake baker myself though so maybe that helps.
    Becky x

  7. Thanks for the book tip and the icing. I think I have seen these in Lakelands, and was dubious, but you sound like me for icing, so I may have to look into them

  8. I agree a bit of everything is interesting on a blog. :) Love the cakes, might have to try the icing things myself. I have a plunger type one but like yours is SO hard to fill.

  9. I'm happy to read whatever you want to write Alana. Those 99's had my eyes out on stalks, I loved them. TSO is the cake icer in our family - which makes it a bit tricky when it's her birthday!