Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Double Trouble

Well hello there on this fine glorious day.  Not glorious where you are?  Never mind, according to the weather man we are certain to have some rain down here in the south tomorrow.  I thought it was too good to be true as I am outside instructing two courses of cycling this week.  One course down another starts could be a very wet one if the children forget their raincoats.  As it is for the younger children this week and held off- road on the playground it shouldn't be too bad as we can dart into the school if it gets too heavy.  

 My foray into the woods to take the bluebell photo sounded like a very serene moment but later on my friend (and colleague) Jackie and I had a little photo shoot.  It was my idea to have a very demure photo taken while sitting on a fallen trunk.....meanwhile my friend acquaintance decided to capture my unladylike way of trying to climb onto the tree.  It's darn hard on the old bottom that bark.

The photo's were too good not to scrap and a reminder of all the adventures Jackie seems to get me involved in.  (OK, I know this was my idea but still...)

A double layout was required for the full effect of my climbing technique and a welcome return of some of favourite scrapbooking elements....corrugated card, string, brown parcel paper and Cosmic Shimmer sprays.  The Simple Circle Flowers came into their own too.  I hadn't thought of 'Double Trouble' as a title until I wrote this post but 'Do what you love' fitted the bill well.

Crossing my fingers we don't get too wet tomorrow....just so i don't have to deal with wet, miserable children. 


  1. Great photos Alana lol!!! loving all those natural elements to your layout x

  2. It's so windy here I had to drag all the wicker garden furniture into the kitchen because it was blowing away!

    Love the scrunchy, crunchy texture here :)

  3. The weather report changes all the time, so fingers crossed it will stay nice ... or at least till you're indoors, with a cuppa.

    Great layout - and the photos are perfect.

  4. Oooh this is lovely, hope the weather stays nice for you :D

  5. Fantastic photos :D
    Love the way the corrugated card blends so well into the layouts... they are both amazing! Love the colours... and how you've chosen a background paper I would avoid at all costs and made it look so fabby!

  6. Lovely layout-the ruffled paper and corregated card look brilliant!

  7. Love the subject of the LOs! It's always good to be able to laugh at oneself. The texture on the layouts is amazing too.