Saturday, 13 April 2013


Hoorah! I have finally finished a crochet project that I'm proud of (perfectionist, moi?). It's taken longer than I expected.

First of all I had to get the squares finished and crochet them altogether. I tried just darning them together with wool but didn't like it, it didn't look neat and because all the squares have different coloured edges it showed up too much for my liking. So I tried crocheting them together using a double crochet stitch. It was slow work but worth it as I really love the effect.

I didn't want a crochet back to it and instead opted for a lovely floral fabric found in my local second hand emporium. I can't say it was cheaper that way but it was just the effect I wanted.

I had a clear up of the craft room earlier this week and moved all my yarn and fabric in there too. So now my bright retro style cushion sits on my 70s brown chair....very comfy it is too for a little crafty mess making in the afternoon.


  1. That backing fabric is a genius choice! It looks fantastic Alana..very retro and in a totally good way!

  2. I love your choice of colour and the fabric is lush. Bet it feels good to have finished it x

  3. Oh that's pretty - I like the double stitching border gives a lovely bit of texture to the cushion.

  4. I have a front but still with no back... ;)

    You're way ahead of me!! (and it looks fab!) :)

  5. It looks amazing ... Honestly you should be so proud of yourself :)