Saturday, 27 April 2013

Popcorn and icing biscuits...

I confess I have been procrastinating a little lately. What with applications for student accommodation and student loans for the teen. Coming of age preparations and work , I just haven't had the energy to get crafty.

Although I was inspired from my WI biscuit decorating post to make a felt iced brooch and start a new cushion crochet project.

The brooch was super easy. I cut two brown biscuit bases with a round nestabilities die with a white felt creamy centre. Topped with scolloped die cut felt icing. I sewed tiny stitches around it all to hold it together, larger stitches as decoration on the icing, added a pale pink heart with an embroidered scroll. I think it would look good as a bag charm too.

Yesterday I tried out a new crochet stitch called a 'popcorn' stitch which gives a lovely textured feel. I'm using the Rowan red and green wool I showed you recently. And yes as some of you said, It is very soft and cosy to touch. But I have found it to 'split' easily when you crochet. I have been using my 'Compendium of Crochet Techniques' by Jan Eaton to help me along too.

This week my big boy turns 18.....he reckons he is ordering the first round for us and his grandparents when we go out to celebrate......not sure he is buying though! I'll update you on that at the end of the week.

Hope you all have a good week and it turns out to be another sunny one:)


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday birthday boy! Have one on me..and one of these days I'll buy it for you in person.

  2. ps - I love the biscuit brooch. It's so neatly done too. Just look at those stitches!

  3. To be fair he did say he was ordering, nothing was said about paying lol. Wishing him a very happy birthday

  4. Ooo love the new stitch and the felt brooch is gorgeous...good luck with him paying :D and happy birthday to him too.