Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Broadens the mind...

Crochet broadens the mind.....that's a statement and a half isn't it? Yes truly it does.

For instance this afternoon while crocheting I learnt that baby squid take three weeks to hatch and dolphins like to play 'pass the seaweed'. Also I decided that I wouldn't like to live in Norway as in November they only have five hours of daylight.

Ok, so I was multitasking today and watching Blue Planet while I continued my 'Uni Blanket' ......but still, I wouldn't of known these facts if I hadn't of taken the time to sit down and crochet.

So it's official.....crocheting broadens your mind.....


  1. Now you just need to find a pub quiz with a decent prize for the taking & you'll be well in there ;) How're you doing with these squares now? I can't remember how many the whole blanket took...?

  2. Norway is my most favourite place I have ever visited and I think I could get to like living there..but I'd be on my own as the other half says the light thing would really get to him too. And if I wouldn't be able to get you to visite either, I think I'll cross it off my list!

  3. Ok, you will be my phone a friend lol