Friday, 19 April 2013

I'm such a rebel....

Ha ha, I bet your wondering what I'm going to confess now? Nothing raucous, nothing naughty I'm afraid but still it was a little mini achievement for me.

This week I was amongst a little merry band of four who visited our local WI. I know! WI! Now your thinking of grey haired ladies arranging their buns and rustling up a floral arrangement (or is that the other way round?) But no my lovelies, it wasn't like that at all at The Saint Albans Belles WI!

This WI is a fairly new group who are inspired by craft, baking and vintage. Even the ladies who run it are 50s inspired young ladies with victory rolls in their hair and wearing pretty floral tea dresses. Of course you don't need to look the part but it has quickly drawn in a group of newbie ladies with a lower age average (and I'm putting myself in that bracket) who want to craft with like minded ladies.

So off I went with three other friends, we are all a bunch of nervous Nessies so pushed each other in front through the doorway. But what a lovely night we had. A demonstration of icing biscuits using sugar paste and stamps ( yes, stamps that we use for stamping but obviously these ones had not seen ink before). Then later we made paper roses and before we knew it three hours had passed and it was time to go home.

We haven't signed on the dotted line yet and become fully payed up members but we have two more sessions to try before we have to decide.

Next month a vintage inspired hair stylist is coming in to talk and demonstrate a victory roll or two and maybe a seventies beehive.....who knows? But they are definitely not what I expected the WI to be and everyone ( at their headquarters and us too) think its a pretty unique group and can see it becoming pretty popular.

I'll let you know how it goes but in the meantime I have some Birthday biscuits to ice and stamp for a special birthday in the household coming up's one from the night:)


  1. It sounds like really good fun actually..

  2. Love that it took 4 of you together to pluck up the courage... ;) And, yep, it sounds like fun