Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Two squares a day...

...keeps the boredom away!

Yep, that's my mantra for my new crochet project. Its the only way to get it finished in a reasonable time period (6 weeks).

I bought the wool and made a start on the 'Uni Blanket'. Being a wool newbie I didn't know there were different versions of Sirdar Crofter DK and bought balls from the Fair Isle range. But as we know in crafting we don't make mistakes but have happy accidents and I kinda like the results....


  1. Oh that looks gorgeous, I need to choose a new blanket to crochet.
    C xx

  2. Is there a mistake then ??? Seriously it looks fabulous

  3. I don't see any mistake!! It's looking great..very manly

  4. Loving the colours & the effect - found myself a whole load of a lovely soft Rowan all-seasons cotton in my wool box when I went rummaging (bought far tooo cheaply in a sale a while ago) to use for the blanket now... the other has been downgraded to a cushion cover when I remembered how much it cost per ball (ran out!) ;)