Monday, 18 February 2013

Groovy Granny

Hello there! It's been a little while hasn't it? Just lost my way for a moment there. The mojo went on walkabout, the weather has gotten me down and life got in the way.

But it's half term now, the sun has popped it's head out (still a bit chilly) and life is feeling good:)

I've been practicing my granny squares this was easier than I thought. So now I have a crazy long list of yarn to get to try some new projects.

First on my list is a ' blokey' granny square blanket for Rob. I'm hoping that he can take it to Uni with him later in the year.....yeah! that's right he had been given conditional offers by two Universities. Just needs to decide which he wants to go to and then get the grades he has been predicted. I'm very proud of him and I just hope he likes the blanket and it reminds him of home. I had better get started on it if I'm to get it finished on time.

Here's my first granny square that I plan to make into a pot stand.


  1. Well done Rob :)

    Your blanket will be a nice reminder of home, a literal "comforter", though not that he'll need any comforting. He'll have a blast!

  2. Big congrats to Rob :)

    I'm loving your crochet, I've signed up today to learn knitting & crochet :)

  3. the colours are lovely Alana and I love the idea of him taking it to uni with him!