Sunday, 10 February 2013


I really feel that I need to hibernate at this time of year. The cold weather and dark days just suck the life out of me. I should me taking the chance of these winter months as a good excuse to craft but my get up and go just seems to of gone....

Although I have been baking comforting tea time fare and rustling up warming vats of soups and casseroles, it's really not going to help my waistline. I wonder if its a instinctive trait I have, that I need to survive winter, stay warm and eat?


  1. That Victoria Sponge looks delicious

  2. I feel the same once Christmas is over - roll on spring.

    I'm on a diet so i'm typing with my eyes closed so your cake doesn't make my mouth water!!

  3. Ooh, cake. We've been having a lot of crumble round here: it's the time of year for it :)